Characters or Emotions?

I write about different genres including philosophical and mystery. Looking from a writer’s point of view words affect the readers, and the circle continues to a point where an ideology become a rational truth.

My genres mostly revolve around the sheer tackle of emotions that we tend to abandon or get overthrown by the superior emotions of love.

We all read the classical love stories or the pilgrimage of love, betrayal and trust that we keep upon.

The Darker truths of Oneself, obsession and pain.

The darker side of the same coin that we live in is quite burried. In the higher perspective of life we saw writers and poets burn out their emotions into words while the rest of the world stared and read.

Here are all of my works, most of which are messy and maybe not quite agreeable. But i hope you read and flow with it.

This is a growing blog, where the transition from the worst to worse can be very seen as you will proceed. The genre of my writing constantly shifts as i learn more about the occurrence of emotions and the varying mechanisms to cope with it.

Hoping for the best response.

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked.

Allen Ginsberg